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Friday, November 11, 2011

D.O.A. Guitar Project Band - [1993] Dead or Alive


They are "Main Characters" (like a song title from "BaekDooSan")
of "New Wave of Korean Rock-Metal in 80's",
so we call them "Korean 3G",

김도균 Steve Do-Kyoon Kim in BaekDooSan,
김태원 Kim Tae-Won in Boohwal
신대철 Shin Dae-Chul in Sinawe

This is the Project album by Korean 3G,
with their hit numbers remake and
new instrumental sel-title "Dead or Alive".
(check this track~~!! 3G Performance together, over 12 min,)

Maybe it's a kind of Boom that "Reviews 80-90's KOR-ROCK musicians"
in many TV shows these days in Korea,

I like this situation now,,,
but,,, the main focus on TV is only their Life & hidden stories,,

so I hope to see their Live Shows more on TV.
(Yes.,, I know the answer is simple...^^
just buy their concert ticket...^^
but I love TV FREE concert MORE~~~~~~!!! much more...^^)

Enjoy it~~!!^^


D.O.A. Guitar Project Band - [1993] Dead or Alive
[192k] New Link

01. 어둠속에서 In the Darkness
02. January
03. 뛰는 개가 행복하다 Running Dog is happy
04. 그대 앞에 난 촛불이어라 I'm a candle in front of you
05. Yesterday (작사:김태원 작곡:김태원)
06. 겨울 오후 Winter Afternoon
07. 희야 Heeya ( featuring 허규)
08. Rock In Korea (featuring 박영철)
09. Lonely Avenue
10. Dead Or Alive

Running Dog is happy, Yesterday

Rock in Korea, DOA ver.

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